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Source sequences of cassava transcript
  EST mRNA Note
NCBI76,56686available from NCBI as of 25 Dec 2008
Cleaned76,48286elimination of vector and E. coli sequence by cross_match
Total 76,568for assembling

Contig Singlet Total

Assignment to protein sequences
Subject Hits No hits Entries in subject Version
NCBI nr24,4605,176576,441
Ricinus communis protein23,9685,66831,221Phytozome v.8.0
Populus trichocarpa protein23,9135,72345,033Phytozome v.8.0
Vitis vinifera protein22,7966,84026,346Phytozome v.8.0
Arabidopsis thaliana protein22,6856,95135,386TAIR10

Mapping to plant genome
Subject Mapped Unmapped Entries in subject Version
Manihot esculenta27,6921,94412,977Phytozome ver.8.0
Ricinus communis21,2138,24325,828Phytozome ver.8.0
Populus trichocarpa18,70610,9302,518Phytozome ver.8.0
Vitis vinifera13,73315,90333Phytozome ver.8.0
Arabidopsis thaliana6,98322,6537TAIR10